Tradiio Interview : Cameron Douglas

Locations: London
Genres: Folk Pop

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Few days ago, I told you about the new music app Tradiio. As part of my partnership with them, I will interview one artist of my choice that I've discovered on this website. For my first interview, I've chosen to introduce you to a talented young folk/pop singer-songwriter called Cameron Douglas. He has released his debut EP "Conscious of Time" last december, and I think that we gonna hear talk of him more and more in the months/years coming. Rather than doing a long description, read the interview below. 


TID : For people who don't know you yet, could you tell us few words about you ?

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CD : Half English, half Chinese, I was born and raised in Hong Kong and moved to the UK when I was 19 to attend university. I studied International Management and French there but music has always been my real passion- most of my first songs were written during my university days. I love all kinds of sports- basketball and skiing in particular. I also like travelling and eating good food. I can cook a pretty tasty spaghetti Bolognese J.   

Cameron Douglas - "Lisbon Love"


TID : When did you started to play music and what inspired you to become a musician ?

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CD : My dad is a singer songwriter too, so music was always in the house. From a young age my brother and I would sit around the piano in the evenings and sing along with my dad. I first started playing the piano and violin when I was in primary school, but became more interested in guitar at the age of about 16. I remember it was the guitar riff in the song ‘One Last Breath’ by Creed that inspired me to take up the guitar- I remember thinking it was the coolest thing I had heard in a long time. I learnt that song on the guitar by watching YouTube tutorials- it took me 2 weeks!  

Cameron Douglas - "Miss You For Now"


TID : You have released your debut EP "Conscious of Time" last December. What inspired you for this EP ? Do you have a favorite song ?

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CD : I’ve always found the relentlessness of time and the inherent transience in everything quite a sobering and powerful idea (forgive me if I’m coming across overly profound or earnest). Thinking about these sorts of things lends perspective when I’m feeling caught up in the trivialities of everyday life. ‘Conscious of Time’ is a collection of songs which all carry common themes- those of change and reminiscence. It’s reflective. I put the EP together right after moving to London. I’d just left Hong Kong and was starting a new chapter in my life and I guess I felt quite nostalgic and introspective. If I had to pick a favourite song, it would probably be ‘That Cigarette’. I like the female vocal harmonies in it, and the song is about a moment that happened in my dad’s life when he was a teenager, which I think is a pretty cool thing!  

Cameron Douglas - "That Cigarette"



TID : We begin to see your name and music more and more on the Internet. What are your plans for the months coming ?

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CD : It’s difficult to juggle my musical aspirations alongside my day job. These days, unfortunately, I haven’t been focusing as much as I’d like to on my music. But that will change! I’m in the middle of writing new material, and plan to gig a lot more in the near future. I’m really keen to get involved in some small festivals next summer and to do that I could really use the help of some management representation! 

TID : What are the songs in your playlist at the moment ?

CD : I’m listening to a lot of James Bay at the moment. I think he has an amazing voice and his songs are great too. ‘Move Together’ is a particular favourite of mine.

Cameron Douglas - "Right Here Right Now"


TID : Would you recommend Tradiio for other musicians like you and why ?

I would absolutely recommend Tradiio for other musicians. It’s a great concept and really does offer unsigned artists good opportunities like high quality live video recordings and gigs. The platform has certainly generated some interest in my songs


We’ve invested in Cameron Douglas. Have you? Listen to more of Cameron Douglas’ music and support him for free at 

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