Over-Promotion: the best way to burn out your audience

Category: Music Promotion

by The DIY Musician

Today over coffee, a musician friend of mine and I discussed the real value of having a loyal audience—how having a network of fans to turn to that have expressed interest in supporting you is one of the most valuable assets a band can have.

As we discussed topics such as the frequency of bookings, the degree of variety in venues, and the way in which bands market and promote themselves, it all kept coming back to one central idea: Don’t burn out the audience.

She told me about how her new band, with just four shows under their belt, are being selective about booking shows and venues. She said they’re trying not to be the blind leading the blind, and when I asked what she meant by that, she said they’re making decisions with the intent to be unapologetically original and not just following in someone else’s footsteps. [...]

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