The Musician's Essential Guide to Merch: What to Get, How Much to Charge, and Where to Buy

Category: Music Promotion

By Sonicbids

Merch is something any musician can (and should!) use to drive revenue and spread awareness for their music. But there are definitely a lot of merch options, and it can be totally confusing and overwhelming to figure out which is best. To help you out, I’m going to go through them all and give you some tips and pricing ideas.

Keep in mind that if you want your merch strategy to be successful, you need to figure out what your fans like. First, think about the demographics of your fanbase. Shot glasses probably aren’t the best idea if your fanbase is mostly teens, and huge quantities of XXL shirts will probably go to waste if you have a primarily female audience. Once you narrow it down, get your fans’ opinions! Send a short survey to your email list or post two shirt design options to social media to find out which is more popular.

Before we get into it, remember the pricing suggestions are just that – suggestions. The prices you choose will depend on how much you spent on the item and how much you want to make from each sale.

The little stuff: stickers, buttons, posters, and guitar picks

These small, inexpensive items are great staples that have a ton of uses in your merch strategy. Looking at it from a traditional standpoint, you can use stickers, buttons, posters, and picks as a low-end merch option for fans who don’t have much money to spend. But you can also give them out as freebies to spread awareness, or even use them to beef up merch bundles that you either sell or give away to contest winners.[...]

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