In memory of Alice and The Glass Lake

Locations: New York - NY

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Tonight I feel sad . The world of music has lost an amazing and talented singer-songwriter. I've sadly learned that Alicia Lemke, aka Alice and the Glass Lake, has passed away. My thoughts go to her family, her friends ...



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I used to know the music of the Wisconsin native singer-songwriter for some years now and I have always been a huge fan of Alicia's music both under her own name and then under Alice and The Glass Lake. Her music was inspired by nature and her reflection about life and she has had an incredible talent to put words on them. Alicia also had a beautifully haunting voice which has found the way to make me travel into her musical paracosm. Her music could both brings you a relax and calming moment and makes you want to dance. I've felt so connected to her music. I couldn't tell you how often I have listen to her EP "The Evolution"



You were a beautiful woman, a beautiful soul...

You could weave words to melodies with magic...

I wish I had the opportunity to meet you in person and not just exchange few emails and tweets...

I wish I had the opportunity to see you performing your songs...

You've left us too fast, too young ...

Now your light will shine above the glass lake and your music will still be in my heart...

Tonight, rest...



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David - I had the privilege of working with Alicia and calling her my friend. I've been having difficulty accepting that she's gone. She was a wonderful person, above and beyond her talent, and I think she made every person she met feel connected to her in a special way. You wrote a lovely tribute.

Thank you David. I'm glad you liked my tribute. 

Shari - What a lovely tribute! I babysat Alicia when she was little. I keep her family in my prayers still.

Thank you Shari :) I've never had the chance to meet her but I still hardly realize that she is gone. Her music still live in my heart.

Russell - So far this is the only page I've found for her. She was a good friend and a great lady. Hot toddy in her memory...

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Lisa - Heard her for the first time when "Luminous" was featured on Awkward then went to youtube to find more of her music. Was shocked to find out now of her passing. So sad for a life cut short so soon, and such a loss of talent. May she rest in peace.

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@Russell It's sad to know that nobody else has written something in her memory ... She deserved it ... Anyway I'm glad what I wrote brings a little comfort to people who have known her ...

@Lisa I didn't know that "Luminous" was featured on Awkward. I agree with you with have lost an amazing and talented woman. Now she sings for angels ... I often listen to her songs. Here's my playlist if you want to listen to more of her songs :

Just found out that Alice passed away last year - am devastated to find that we have lost such a phenomenal talent. I came across her music by chance in 2013 and was bowled over by the haunting quality of her voice - and the songs on the Evolution EP were fantastic - I was hooked and was looking forward to the day when she would come over to the UK and I could see her live in concert. I told all of my friends about this brilliant new singer songwriter who gave a fresh feeling to the sonic mysteries inhabited by the likes of Kate Bush and Enya. I felt sure she was destined for great acclaim.
A young life cut short is a tragedy and we are all the poorer for her passing - but I am so glad to have discovered her music and I hope that many others will do the same.
May she rest in peace.

I am Alicia's mother, Gale. I wanted to thank you for your heartfelt tribute to our beautiful Alicia. She was all you said and more. Since your post much more has been written about her. And , in fact, her final album has been released. It is called Chimaera. I hope you will listen to it and reconnect with her!

@Gale,  it means a lot to me that you liked the tribute I wrote about Alicia. I was much touched by her death, even more as I did not know she was sick, and somehow I still am. I can not imagine how difficult it was and it still be for you and your family. Her music and the artist she was was able to impact me like no artist have ever done before. It's strange how someone you do not really know can have such an impact in your life. I would have really liked to be able to meet her and see her on stage. I bet she was stunning. Thank you for allowing the release of her posthumous album and her music video for "Coals". It was a wonderful gift for all these fans, of which I am part. I listen to "Chimaera" on a loop since I bought it a few weeks ago. It accompanies me on my way to work. I have the impression of discovering a new detail at each listening, a new the sounds I did not perceive at earlier listening. Now that the blog seems to no longer suffer from hacker attacks, I will be able to pay a final tribute to Alicia by writing an article on "Chimaera" in the weeks to come. I wish you a wonderful and happy new year. x, Emilie

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