Seattle - WA

Song of The Day : "Underneath You" by Craymer

Craymer is an electro-pop band from Seattle, made up with Jordan Lake and Cameron Simons. The band has released their debut EP "Disordered Loves" in 2014. Craymer’s music has been featured on MTV, E!, Oxygen and ABC Family. Their sound has been compared to bands like Barcelona, citing Keane and Death Cab for Cutie among others as their main influences.

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Put on your finest gold jewelry. Brush off your favorite pair of shoes. Lay out that favorite outfit you so sparingly wear for the utmost exceptional occasions. Because the second you hear the smooth beat of Craymer’s “Underneath You” fire up on the loudspeakers, you’ll find yourself lost in an uncontrollable “this is my jam” glass-raise and head-nod routine, realizing that youthfulness is merely a mindset that can always be revived.

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