Portland - OR

Anna Gilbert

Anna Gilbert is a gifted singer-songwriter from Eugene, Oregon who sheds light on the honesty of humanity with her beautiful and haunting songs. She has a charming way of telling stories about love and life – and bringing hope and sweetness into the heartbreak and sadness.

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Tyler Stenson

Born in Lander, WY and raised in Oregon, Tyler Stenson is a bold, lyric-first singer/songwriter from Portland that draws a profound influence from his roots in the humble West. Raised a vocalist by his musical mother and a perfectionist by his father the architect, Stenson's unique brand of "Elegant Folk" music is the fitting result of his upbringing -- wildly creative but ever wrangled by his maniacal attention to detail and the desire to design things differently.

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20 bits of Clarensau Trivia

1. The two Tylers of Clarensau have been friends for almost ten years.

2. Tyler Caggiano spent two years as Tyler Clarensau’s manager before joining the band.

3. The band is called Clarensau because the original lineup included both Tyler Clarensau and his brother Blake.

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