Minneapolis - MN

Song Of The Day : "Wonderwall" cover by Jourdan Myers

Today, I've chosen to share with you not an original songs as usual but a unique cover song carried out by Jourdan Myers.

In general when people cover songs, they make a good performance of it but it rarely brings something new.

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Song Of The Day : "The Fight" by Jourdan Myers

I've put several songs aside these last weeks that I wanted to share with you, but I've missed time. Nevertheless, it's never too late!

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Jourdan Myers

Minneapolis singer/songwriter, Jourdan Myers, does not consider herself a perfectionist, but she does insist on doing things right the first time, which is why she collaborates with other industry professionals who share her work ethic. “My passion is to create excellent collaborative art that gives others a platform to share their expertise.” Thus Myers, upon entering The Library Studio to record her second album, Ruin Me With Love, gave the musicians total freedom to shape each song according to their own artistic judgment.

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