Acoustattic Session : An original concept of music sessions

Acoustattic Session is an innovative concept for discovering new musicians. It’s a brand new program of music sessions based in Lyon, in the south-east quarter of France, but not only.

The filming takes place in a flat with 3 different levels with a developed concept on each floor. There’s a live acoustic track filmed in the attic at the end :

- Ground floor : the reception of the artist;

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Sarah and The Middlemen

Sarah and The MiddleMen is a young band who launched their solo career in 2012. The band has been able to develop their compositions and live performances with experience gained by working within several bands. 

Sarah and The MiddleMen creates pop music defined by the distinctive voiceof Sarah. Their catchy melodies are full of emotions, balancing sensitivity and energy, as well as heart-on-sleeve lyrics and dynamism. 

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