Introducing Cathryn Green

Cathryn Green is a singer-songwriter from East London, South Africa. She has moved in Ireland in 2008 to pursue her career in music, which has been a great idea as she has been declared "Best Female Solo Act of 2011" by Jackie Hayden (who originally signed U2) for the national irish publication "Hot Press".

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Cathryn Green

Cathryn Green was born in East London, South Africa. She began writing her own songs whilst studying to be an accountant at University, having spent her childhood years discovering music through her mother's diverse record collection.  She made a decision to move to Ireland to pursue her love for music and soon began to develop her craft. It became apparent that Cathryn's unique vocal style aligned to her uncanny ability to write haunting contemporary music sparked interest from various press and media, not only in Ireland but also in the UK and Europe.

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