Song of The Day : "Black Tears" by Anna Pancaldi

Anna Pancaldi is a british singer-songwriter. I had the opportunity to see her performing 2 of her songs in London during my holidays there one year and a half ago.  Maybe Anna Pancaldi is familiar to you. You may have seen her in the brand new Levi's campaign lately and heard her song "A Little Bit Of Love".

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Anna Pancaldi

"Anna Pancaldi shines through from the pack... we know the boys had it all their way in 2014 and now the girls are fighting back. Looks like Anna's about to charge through chaps." Record of the Day
Coming from a musical family, it was only natural that Anna's love affair with music would begin at a young age. Her father was a singer who introduced her to outstanding artists such as Carole King, Carly Simon, Doris Day and Judy Garland. Music was always a part of Anna's lineage.
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