Find "JOY" with Paper Aeroplanes

After being one of five bands representing their home country of Wales during this year’s SXSW Music in Austin, Paper Aeroplanes are back with the release of their fourth album "JOY" on April, 8th. No need to add that I've been waiting for this album with lots of impatience and it definitely worth it!

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Introducing Paper Aeroplanes

For me, music is an universal language. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics of a song or just a part of them, the mix of the melody and the singer’s voice can find the way of your soul. It makes us feel an array of feelings from joy to sadness. It can inspire relaxation, to feel like dancing … Some songs or artists can bring this strong connection with yourself and it’s what makes the difference between a song you appreciate and a song you become deeply addicted. Sometimes you don’t always understand why, but you can’t stop listening to that music.

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Paper Aeroplanes

Our music is about human connection, says Sarah Howells of Paper Aeroplanes. Not surprisingly the story of Paper Aeroplanes is as heartwarming and poignant as one of their songs. Vocalist Sarah Howells suffered a great personal loss, leading to her meeting guitarist Richard Llewellyn and their subsequent realisation that they were meant to make music together. Now they’re ready to reach their widest-ever audience with their much-anticipated third album ‘Little Letters’.

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