Introducing Swallow and The Wolf

Locations: London
Genres: ALTERNATIVE Folk Pop

Sometimes it is a good idea to check out who are the people who share your tweets. That's what I thought few weeks ago, when it has enabled me to discover Swallow and The Wolf. The duo is made up of a Suffolk guy, Russel Swallow (vocal and acoustic guitar), and an Australian girl, Jessica Kennedy (piano & vocal). They write songs about every day passions, extraordinary moments , ... with a lot of sincerity. Their sound is a rich mix of driven and picked acoustic guitar, mercurial piano, blended vocal harmonies and deep drums.

Swallow and The Wolf - "Everytime She Comes"


Swallow and The Wolf have released their debut EP "Sunrise Mountain" in 2012, followed by a single "Every Time She Comes" in early 2013. In the past year the duo has toured DIY across the UK and Germany, supported Simone Felice (The Felice Brothers), Nick Mulvey (key founder of The Portico Quartet), Rachel Sermanni, Gilmore and Roberts, Will and the People, Jake Morley and Phildel.…

Swallow and The Wolf - "SOS"


I have discovered their music through their new EP "Fire". I have been immediately captivated by their song "SOS". "SOS" has a catchy rhythm that take you away from the first second. I never get tired of listening to it.

Swallow and The Wolf - "Fire"


If you live in the UK or in Germany, Swallow and The Wolf will be playing in London, Norwich, Brighton, Bristol, Berlin, Hannover, Cologne & more this Autumn! For more informations about the dates and venues, click here.

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