Introducing Smoke Season

Locations: Los Angeles - CA

Smoke Season was formed in early 2013 by Gabrielle Wortman and Jason Rosen. Combining their musical backgrounds, the duo created their own unique take on Americana, infusing folk with electronic undertones and rich vocal harmonies that has been steadily capturing the attention of fans and press since.  

Smoke Season has self-produced their debut EP "Signals" in 2013. The main single of this EP "Soleil" has particularly captured my attention. The melody of that song is just beautiful and dreamy.


Smoke Season - "Soleil"


In 2014, Smoke Season has been back with a new EP "Hot Coals Cold Souls", released in July 29th, 2014. This new EP is eclectic. Its songs combine pop, rock, electronic, americana and folk elements. Each songs from that EP has its own style, so anyone can find a song that he/she likes in it. The first single of "Hot Coals Cold Souls" EP, "Badlands" is at once sultry and mysterious.


Smoke Season - "Badlands"


Their new single "Opaque" is more etheral. Verses start smoothly on Gabrielle's beautiful vocals notes and then get carried away by the haunting energy present in the chorus.


Smoke Season - "Opaque"


I would like to highlight the particular attention and the creativity that the band brings in their music video. They are made as short films and it's a pleasure at once for eyes and ears.

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