Introducing MONOGEM

Locations: Los Angeles - CA
Genres: Electro Pop SOUL

Happy Easter everyone ! I would like to take the advantage of this long weekend to introduce you to an amazing band from LA, MONOGEM !

MONOGEM is a project born from the collaboration between the singer/songwriter Jen Hirsh and the producer/ songwriter Scott Smith. “Ethereal and distant, but somehow wistfully familiar, MONOGEM is a mystery ready to be revealed.”. MONOGEM's music combines glittering electronic melodies, beautiful and delicate vocals, dizzying harmonies and dance ready synths.  Each song has an intoxicating side and takes you away in a psychedelic elctro journey.

Their first single “Glow” debuted on Paper Magazine. The video is a for the track is a perfect montage of 1984 cult movie, Breakin'. 


Their second single “All We Have” was inspired by "an incredible evening of music and friends." said Hirsh to Elle Magazine.


April, 1rst, MONOGEM has released their 3rd single “Wait and See” from their forthcoming debut EP “The Glow”. This song is by far my favorite. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve listen to it. Monogem take you away in a bright and dreamy atmosphere rocked by Jen Hirsh's graceful and magical voice. This song is totally infectious, once you've listen to it, it becomes impossible to leave Monogem's universe . “Wait and See” is a song about dreams, "Specifically that feeling we have all had when you are in such a euphoric moment of a dream, and reality tries to step in and wake you up." said Hirsh.

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