Introducing Cable Car

Locations: Los Angeles - CA
Genres: Pop R&B SOUL

Hey everybody !

I hope you’ve had a nice Christmas with your family and that Santa has been nice to all of you. After this Christmas songs series, I would like to introduce you a pop/soul trio from Los Angeles called Cable Car.

“A timeless fusion of pop, R&B and rock, Cable Car’s music oozes passion and sex appeal. Defying genre lines and stereotypes, these lads prefer their music to be described as “new vintage” and “tragic sexy” - and rightly so. Most of their music describes the dark side of being in love.”

Cable Car was formed in 2012 and is made up with Nathan Mott (vocals), Jack Turner (guitar) and Ryan Murphy (drums). Each member has brought it own influence in their music. Pop/folk for Nathan, Jazz, blues and R&B for Jack, all linked up to Ryan's programming beats.


Cable Car - "Two.Time.Love"


Their music style make me think about some music icons as Justin Timberlake or Maroon 5. The same kind of music that put in a good mood and make us want to dance. Cable Car has released their debut EP "Ride" in June 2013.


Cable Car - "You're Killing Me"


Besides their musical career, the members of Cable Car also works in acting and modeling. This trio has all the ingredients to be successful. I wouldn't be surprised if we begin to hear talk a bit more about them soon.


Cable Car - "Wait For Me"

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