Introducing Bryde

Locations: London

A year ago, I introduced you to my favorite Welsh band Paper Aeroplanes. Sarah Howells, the lead singer of Paper Aeroplanes, has decided to begin a new solo project with the name of Bryde. Don't worry, that doesn't mean the end of Paper Aeroplanes. After spending 10 years collaborating with others, Bryde feels ready to make music on her own.

Bryde - "Wait"


Bryde takes a new direction with more personal songs about loss and freedom, more electric guitars ... A bit dark atmosphere lulled by bewitching melodies and Bryde's beautiful voice. Bryde has a strong ability to captivate the listener from the first to the last minute of her songs and to convey a wide range of emotions. Nobody can give me goosebumps with each new song like she does.

Bryde - "Oh Tender"


Bryde has a 3 track EP "Chocolate Factory Sessions" with is now available on Spotify. If you live in the UK, Bryde will be supporting Jake Morley during his tour in October. Check out the dates below.

Bryde - "Handstands"


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