Introducing Black Fly Reviews

Locations: New York - NY
Genres: BLUES Folk ROCK

Mikhael Muya of Black Fly Reviews is a singer/songwriter born in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He grew up in South Africa and is now living between Boston and New York City.

He began to play the guitar at the age of twelve and has been influenced by artists such as Ben Harper, Dave Matthews Band Hurray for The Riff Raff and many others. His music style is mainly folk, with touches of blues and rock.

“A young man with an old bohemian soul personified by a strong and loud weeping-raw melodic voice, channeling folk music of old, driven by haunting minor chords, carrying deep vines of acoustic blues, with a laid-back but zealous lyrics content.” There couldn’t be a better description of this talented musician.

My first discovery of this artist was with his song “Honey On Toast”. It has been a while since the listen of a new song gave me shivers at the first notes. His voice is just incredible and each songs have an haunting melody.


Black Fly Reviews - "Honey On Toast"


"A fun acoustic jam, playing on the subject of love, commitment, desire and expectation. Honey On Toast is a song about wanting and demanding more, and yet still being able to look at love with a sweet eye. The Song was written a few years ago and she's been really good to me. Thank you to this song i have been able to get myself going musically in New York City." said Black Fly Reviews about this song.

Black Fly Reviews has released his debut self-titled EP in Februray 2014 and is available on bandcamp.


Black Fly Reviews - "Lovers' Blues (Give Me Your Heart)"


Black Fly Reviews ft. Ian Wexelbaum - "Too Late (How Long)"


Black Fly Reviews - "Say It Right"


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