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Locations: London

I've already said that before, but checking out the musicians friends of artists that you like is always a good strategy to discover new music. For today's artist, Arrows Down, the award of the musical suggestion goes to Stephanie O'Brien, who talked to me about him when I met her at her show in Paris few weeks ago.

When I've started to listen to Arrows Down's music, I've been immediately captivated by "You Don't Know", a song with an intoxicating rhythm taken by the piano and the beats of a metronome.

Arrows Down - "You Don't Know"


Arrows Down has released a first EP "Fugitives" in June 2014, made up of the original version of the song "Fugitives" and 3 other versions of it. As a singer-songwriter, Arrows Down has also collaborated and written with a variety of artists such as Sasha, G-FrSH, Maiday, Driving Lolita, ThermalBear and Stephanie O'Brien.

Arrows Down - "Fugitives"


In addition of being a talented singer-songwriter, Arrows Down also has a video production company, We Are The Ward, for which he directs and produces short films, music videos and fashion promos. Among the videos produced by We Are The Ward, you can find "Hammerite" by Luke & Charlotte Ritchie, "Breathe" by Maiday or "Glory Box" covered by Stephanie O'Brien.

Arrows Down - "Smooth Tongue of The Adulteress"


Arrows Down has been working on his debut release "Illume" which should be out this autumn. "Illume" offers to the listener a mixture of orchestral, acoustic and piano led electro compositions, among which you will find "You Don't Know" and "Smooth Tongue of The Adulteress". The release also features a guest appearance from Sen Dog of Cypress Hill. I've had the chance to have a foretaste of this EP and I can't wait for you to hear it too. You won't be disappointed by it!

If you live in London, Arrows Down healines a night in aid of Cancer Research UK at The Arthouse, Crouch End on May, 20th. For this occasion, he will showcase songs from "Illume".

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