Happy Valentine's Day !

Genres: Acoustic

Hey everybody !

I wish a happy Valentine's day to you all ! I've prepared a love song playlist for you, with some old and new song from some of the indie artists featured on the blog. So whether you are celebrating this special day with your partner or if you are hating all the lovers in the world, it's still a good occasion to discover or rediscover these love songs.


Andrew Ripp - "When You Fall In Love"


Callum Beattie - "Valentine's Day" ft. Megan D


David and Devine - "Leave The Light On"


Ellene Masri - "Happy Love Song"


Holley Maher - "Rest Of My Life"


Jc Villafan - "Romance"


Jenni Alpert - "I Wanna Love You"


Kristyna Myles - "Just Three Little Words"


Lauren Housley - "All I Need Is You"


Maggie McClure - "Closer Than Before"


Marie Hines - "Perfect Kiss"


Penny Rae - "Paradise"


Sarah & Lindsay - "Let's Call It Love"


Sarah Solovay - "A Little In Love"


Sarah Williams - "Loving Again With You"


Sofia Talvik - "It's Just Love"

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