Happy New Year 2016

Hey Folks,

I hope you had a wonderful Holiday Season and that Santa has spoiled you.

2015 has been a year rich in new music, as proved this long list below of EP/LP released during the year by the indie artists featured on The Indie Discovery.

Different events happened during the year :

-> the death of Alicia Lemke, aka Alice and The Glass Lake, last August. An talented artists that I appreciated a lot. Check out her EP "Evolution",

-> a new partnership with the website Tradiio for who I will do an interview of one of their top artists each month,

-> some changes of names for few artists who have been featured here. To help you not to be lost, here's a recap of the new bands names :

          - Amy Kuney is now AMES,

          - Aimée, Freya and Ross Mackenzie have become the band Emmay,

          - Lonna Marie is now Lola Rhodes,

          - the danish band Boho Dancer no longer exist and you can find again their lead singer under her own name Ida Wenøe,

          - After six years, the Hillary Reynlods Band no longer exist. 2 of their members, Hillary Reynolds and Trevor Jarvis have decided to begin a new adventure under the band name Peridot (pear - i - doe).

2016 should be a year as good and enriching musically speaking as 2015 has been. And for this new year, I would to wish you all a year full of joy, love and happiness, a good health and of course tons of good music for your ears.



The Indie Discovery




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