The Heartbroken

Some things take no thought, they just take heart. “Tonight Tonight”, the debut album from Toronto’s The Heartbroken might as well be a bandage for bleeding hearts and souls around the world. It is a visceral reaction to the blows of life and love, a moment to enjoy being on the ground, because you know you are going to be that much stronger when you get back up.

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Sarah Williams is a Nashville singer-songwriter, and pianist who voices her stories with an original blend of country, soul, and rock-and-roll.  Sarah recorded her retro debut album Ruby shortly after completing a degree in piano performance. Since then, she has further developed her sound by co-writing with some of Nashville's finest and incorporating the varied influence of 1970s powerhouses like Greg Allman and Carole King.  In 2012, she formed the girl-pop duo Sarah and Lindsay with co-writer Lindsay George and released an original EP, Let's Call it Love.

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