The Heartbroken

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Some things take no thought, they just take heart. “Tonight Tonight”, the debut album from Toronto’s The Heartbroken might as well be a bandage for bleeding hearts and souls around the world. It is a visceral reaction to the blows of life and love, a moment to enjoy being on the ground, because you know you are going to be that much stronger when you get back up.

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Andrew Ripp

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Andrew Ripp creates music that pushes the boundaries of genre stereotypes, blending the energetic beats of pop music into a soul culture and adding the depth and groove of soul music into a pop culture. Since beginning his career in 2005, Ripp's songs and records have successfully impacted a diverse and growing audience including true music lovers: fans that appreciate the nuances of a well crafted album, and easy listeners: fans who simply want to hear a catchy tune.

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Matthew Mayfield

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My journey started in 1992 when I fell in love with Guns N’ Roses as soon as Slash got up on the piano for the finale of “November Rain.” When I was 9, I decided I was either going to be a bank robber/surfer or play in a rock n roll band.  I’m not brave enough to ride the big waves and not radical enough to rob banks, so here I am with a guitar in my hand.  I think my mother is very happy with that call.

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The girls of Spinn have always been firm believers that there’s not much in life that can’t be fixed with great music, good friends, and a few shots of tequila. And whether it’s their beautiful blend of three part harmonies, vibrant stage presence, or infectious personalities, it’s no wonder their attitude helped them receive notoriety around the Jersey music scene and beyond.

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The Spring Standards

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 The Spring Standards could very well be an ongoing science experiment in addition to being a band. A study in the limits of the human body - just how many things can one person do simultaneously while singing 3-part harmony?

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Altered Sky

Open your eyes – and look to the Altered Sky!

Once upon a time a group of friends had a dream about making music together – but far from being a fairy tale, the story is coming true for Glasgow rock band Altered Sky.

In the words of lyricist Ana Nowosielska, they are “painting stories in real life” with their infectious brand of self-written material – and it’s never too late to join in the fun as they embark on an ambitious programme over the next year.

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Ula Ruth

Ula Ruth grew up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. Raised Southern Baptist, she found her voice singing in church. She grew up with nothing, and dreamed of becoming something. She left her home at early age with the hopes of becoming a singer in New York City. One day she found fame, but they made her change her name. So now we are taking it back.

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Sunday Lane

Sunday Lane is not your typical singer/songwriter who left Middle America for the City of Angels. A classically trained pianist, she writes articulate lyrics about social injustices in our society, young love, and growing up. Her soulful approach to songwriting expresses the depth of her musicianship.

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20 bits of Clarensau Trivia

1. The two Tylers of Clarensau have been friends for almost ten years.

2. Tyler Caggiano spent two years as Tyler Clarensau’s manager before joining the band.

3. The band is called Clarensau because the original lineup included both Tyler Clarensau and his brother Blake.

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Jody Brock

Jody Brock is a 20 year old singer/songwriter from South West London. As a child Jody was mesmerised by the soulful sounds and voices from artists such as Donny Hathaway, Etta James, James Brown, Lauryn Hill and Nina Simone. The raw emotion, the dark warm tones and husky growls established by these great artists can all be found within Jody's sound among many other inspirations from the genres of rock, blues and jazz.

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