Introducing Swallow and The Wolf

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Sometimes it is a good idea to check out who are the people who share your tweets. That's what I thought few weeks ago, when it has enabled me to discover Swallow and The Wolf. The duo is made up of a Suffolk guy, Russel Swallow (vocal and acoustic guitar), and an Australian girl, Jessica Kennedy (piano & vocal). They write songs about every day passions, extraordinary moments , ... with a lot of sincerity.

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Echo Me

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Jesper Madsen is the Danish songwriter behind Echo Me. He’s been writing songs since the age of 10, starting of “borrowing” lyrics from artists found in his parents’ collection. 

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The name Echo Me stands for that similarity, there is between Jesper and his music. The songs are echoes of his personality and his thoughts. His sound is an echo of his own taste and his own ideals. 

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Swallow and The Wolf

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Suffolk boy Russell and Australian girl Jess tell stories of every day passions, extraordinary moments and unsung heroes. Their sound is driven and picked acoustic guitar, mercurial, bass heavy piano lines, lo-fi drums, rich cello lines and melodic vocal harmonies.

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The duo have picked up support from Tom Robinson and Chris Hawkins at BBC6, Sophie Little BBC Norfolk, Billy Butler BBC Merseyside, and John Govier BBC Devon.

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Introducing Stephanie O'Brien

Today I would like to introduce you to another amazing artist that I’ve had the occasion to dicscover during my trip in London this summer. This artist is Stephanie O’Brien.

Maybe her name doesn’t seem familiar to you yet, but if you live around London, you may have seen her in the London close harmony trio The Puppini Sisters a while ago or live during her tour with Kal Lavelle and Fiona Bevan this summer. 

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Stephanie O

Mesmerising, mysterious and carrying a bold femininity in her style and sound - Stephanie O is a singer-songwriter and musician from London.

Known to fans as Stephanie O or by her full name Stephanie O’Brien - she came to the music scene in her teens as founding member of Universal signed pop-harmony band The Puppini Sisters; before leaving several years later with a drive to strike out on her own.

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Jourdan Myers

Minneapolis singer/songwriter, Jourdan Myers, does not consider herself a perfectionist, but she does insist on doing things right the first time, which is why she collaborates with other industry professionals who share her work ethic. “My passion is to create excellent collaborative art that gives others a platform to share their expertise.” Thus Myers, upon entering The Library Studio to record her second album, Ruin Me With Love, gave the musicians total freedom to shape each song according to their own artistic judgment.

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Heather Bond

Meet Heather Bond - Nashville's piano–pop starlet whose pure, ethereal voice is taking music to new heights. Her heartfelt lyrical honesty pushes the boundaries of traditional songwriting while her melodic genius redefines the notion altogether.

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Butterfly Boucher

For those that haven’t heard of the Australian singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Adelaide, Butterfly has been one very busy girl since spreading her wings and heading into international waters, first to the UK and then to the US.

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In My Coma

In My Coma is the creation of vocalist/songwriter/guitarist Jasper James. Though Jasper has lived in Ontario since he was three years old, the foundation of his musical creativity rests in his English heritage.

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Introducing Paper Aeroplanes

For me, music is an universal language. Even if you don’t understand the lyrics of a song or just a part of them, the mix of the melody and the singer’s voice can find the way of your soul. It makes us feel an array of feelings from joy to sadness. It can inspire relaxation, to feel like dancing … Some songs or artists can bring this strong connection with yourself and it’s what makes the difference between a song you appreciate and a song you become deeply addicted. Sometimes you don’t always understand why, but you can’t stop listening to that music.

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