Ida Wenøe

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Amongst a digital mountain range littered with accomplished folk-ish bands and singer- songwriters, it is a rare miracle to come across a cave so rich in jewels as the one beneath Ida Wenøe’s ribcage.

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Introducing Alyssa Bonagura

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Today I would like to introduce you to Alyssa Bonagura. I've discovered this artist thanks to Brite Revolution (Check out this great website, a good place to listen to new music with great music sessions) 2 months ago and since that I haven't stopped to listen to her music.

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Alyssa Bonagura

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One listen and it becomes crystal clear that Alyssa Bonagura was born to make music. With a voice that touches somewhere deep inside, her melodies and lyrics are as haunting as they are beautiful. From the youthful, bouncing ukulele sing along you may have heard on the nation wide 2012 Lowe's commercial, “I Make My Own Sunshine” to her rockin’, power-pop influenced “Warrior,” and everything in between, Alyssa has polished her own unique musical style.

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Mali Korsten

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Mali Korsten, 22, has been writing and performing her own brand of country-tinged folk for five years. Born in the UK to guitarist Dedi Madden (who has worked with the likes of Zero 7, Sia and Bob Geldof), Mali has gigged extensively across continents, acquiring fans all over the world.

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Brittney Bouchard

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Brittney Bouchard fashions pop gems with a hint of soul and even a little country twang.

The Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter echoes Norah Jones and Colbie Caillat, but she's got her own je ne sais quoi that's utterly transfixing. Boasting a cinematic perspective, she can capture heartache, or she can make you fall in love. That dichotomy is the mark of true talent.

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Mieka Pauley

Mieka Pauley possesses a voice that flows like good whiskey and a frankness that makes Alanis Morissette look shy. She conjures up a sonic immediacy with the same masterful command as Ani DiFranco with driving, yearning melodies that stand alongside the work of Michelle Shocked, Neko Case and Emmylou Harris.

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Penny Rae

Indie singer-songwriter (with a twist of country) duo Penny Rae has enjoyed success with prior single releases of “Wake Up” and “Baby, It’s Cold Outside.” With music downloads covering most of the United States and Canada as well as a multitude of countries, now the duo has released their first EP.

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Shannon Labrie

On Shannon Labrie’s debut album Just Be Honest, she kicks off the proceedings by staring down her demons and admonishing her biggest fears with “Secret,” a retro-R&B influenced song laced with vibrant horns. The young songwriter comes by her fears honestly, battling a serious (and ongoing) illness at age 9 and losing her father at 14.

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Christmas Time with The Heartbroken

The canadian band The Heartbroken is back this month with a new song. Their last album was the great "Tonight Tonight" released in 2010.

For Christmas, they wrote a new song called "December". It's a beautiful christmas song with some country influences. You can buy "December" on bandcamp.

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The Heartbroken

Some things take no thought, they just take heart. “Tonight Tonight”, the debut album from Toronto’s The Heartbroken might as well be a bandage for bleeding hearts and souls around the world. It is a visceral reaction to the blows of life and love, a moment to enjoy being on the ground, because you know you are going to be that much stronger when you get back up.

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