The Dinahs

Three Nashville songwriters, creating music your children will love (and you won't hate)! Members : Holley Maher, Marie Hines and Kristen Rogers.

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Anna Pancaldi

"Anna Pancaldi shines through from the pack... we know the boys had it all their way in 2014 and now the girls are fighting back. Looks like Anna's about to charge through chaps." Record of the Day
Coming from a musical family, it was only natural that Anna's love affair with music would begin at a young age. Her father was a singer who introduced her to outstanding artists such as Carole King, Carly Simon, Doris Day and Judy Garland. Music was always a part of Anna's lineage.
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Song of The Day : "Fighting A Setting Sun" by Paul Federici

It's been two years since the Canadian Paul Federici has released his last record "Now and Then", for which he won the Adult Contemporary Album of the Year at the 2013 Niagara Music Awards. 

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Introducing Arrows Down

I've already said that before, but checking out the musicians friends of artists that you like is always a good strategy to discover new music. For today's artist, Arrows Down, the award of the musical suggestion goes to Stephanie O'Brien, who talked to me about him when I met her at her show in Paris few weeks ago.

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Arrows Down

Arrows Down, born as Tom Cameron, is a singer-songwriter based in London.

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Happy Valentine's Day !

Hey everybody !

I wish a happy Valentine's day to you all ! I've prepared a love song playlist for you, with some old and new song from some of the indie artists featured on the blog. So whether you are celebrating this special day with your partner or if you are hating all the lovers in the world, it's still a good occasion to discover or rediscover these love songs.


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