The Formula For A Successful Crowdfunding A Music Video

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What makes the best Crowdfunding videos the best, and how do you go about creating a cinematographic masterpiece for your crowdfunding campaign? I get a lot of questions about crowdfunding videos and what they should look like, and I’m constantly fielding requests to comment on videos people create for their campaigns. So, to save my inbox from the onslaught (and help out those who are too shy to ask), I thought it was high time I wrote an article on the results of my research of 206 successful crowdfunding campaigns. 

Top tips for creating irresistible crowdfunding videos

Be realistic

You don’t need to be a crowdfunding genius to work out that video is an important element of your campaign. In fact, it’s probably the most important. Showing is always far more effective than telling — and a film is much easier to click on than a lengthy paragraph is to read — so if you can afford to, hire a professional.[...]

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