Do you need a manager to succeed in music ?

Category: Music Industry

By Disc Makers

Finding a manager to direct your career and help you succeed in music may be the right answer, but it depends on where you are in your music career – and where you want to go.

Do music producers, artists, and bands need managers to succeed in music? Maybe, maybe not. It depends on where you are currently in your career. This question will come up sooner or later regardless of where you are.

Before signing any contracts here are a few things to consider.

  1. “Making money” is not a satisfactory answer when considering what you want from your music career. There are lots of ways to make money… how do you want to make money? That can help you determine what kind of manager you need, or if you need one at this point in your career.

  2. A manager isn’t someone who takes a nobody and turns him or her into a somebody.

  3. Can you afford a manager? [...]


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