Create content to achieve your music career goals

Category: Music Promotion

By Disc Makers

Your online marketing strategy should include creating content that nurtures communication, engagement, and sales on your way to achieving your music career goals

Building a strong fan base online requires you to create and execute an effective content strategy. Most often, we focus on the idea of engagement – creating content that asks your fans to get involved, respond, or take an action in some way. There is no doubt that this is a requirement of an effective content strategy, but engagement should not be the only focus of your online music marketing and your efforts to achieve your music career goals.

In fact, engagement should really be just one of three goals for the content you create. As you plan your content for the days, weeks, and months ahead, you need to consider the importance of three specific end results for your communciations:

  1. Communication

  2. Engagement

  3. Sales

Don’t try to do everything at once. There are different reasons to publish content, and strategic times for specific messages and calls to action. To be effective, each piece of content you publish should hone in on a single objective and serve that as best as possible as your take one step at a time towards your music career goals. [...]


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