Christmastime with Branches !

Locations: Los Angeles - CA

Branches is a folk-rock band from California born in 2010 and made up with Tyler Madsen, Natalie Nicoles, Jacob Montague, Tyler Goertzen, Mitchell Dong and Michael Springs. Their music style has been compared to the likes of Death Cab For Cutie, The Lumineers, Mumford ans Sons and The Head and The Heart.

Branches has already released 3 EPs : "O, Light", "Cabin" and "Covers" (on which they have brought their own touch to 5 famous songs) and a full-length album "Thou Art The Dream". Branches writes catchy songs, full of energy, and that puts you in a good mood for the whole day.



For Christmas, the band has released a special EP called "Songs For Christmas", in which they have revisited 8 famous Christmas Songs. Here's their version of "Away In The Manger".



If you like that song, you can download "Songs For Christmas" for free on Noisetrade :

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