Music Industry

The Indie Musician's Guide To Digital Distribution

By Budi Voogt for Hypebot


This article will help you overcome the difficult subject that is digital music distribution. Want to know how to choose from the great amount of different distributors, figure out which one is best for you and make sure that you've paid attention to all important details? Keep on reading.

The importance of digital

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Indie Artists: Expectations vs Reality

By Music Think Tank


As a musician, placing value on what you do is difficult because: 1) we all are biased; 2) a musician rarely views the total picture of competition; 3) few independent artists carry knowledge of how to properly market themselves; and 4) the economics theory of Supply and Demand rarely enters an indie artist’s mind. 

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Running your own indie record label

By Disc Makers


Founders of the indie record labels Eightmaps and Loglady Records give advice on releasing your own music — and others, too

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