Big Teams: Building Your Indie Music Dream Team

Category: Music Industry

By W Tyler Consulting


Here’s the thing about teams in the music industry..

A record label used to be the only way to record your work. Now it seems as if there are studios on every street corner, or you may even have one at home.

A  label used to be the only way to distribute your work in stores and online outlets. Now you have an array of online distributors that require you to simply have an account, and set up a campaign.

A  label or booking agent used to be the only way to get booked for a gig. Now, building an EPK and finding talent buyers is relatively easy.

Lastly, a record label used to be a main way for your work to get properly marketed. While a major label will still have huge connections– online and social media marketing for artists is still incredibly doable.

This is what the industry has called the DIY revolution. Because you don’t necessarily need a major label, or large management team anymore. There’s so much you can do on your own.

However, as my colleague and fellow music-marketer, Solveig Whittle, pointed out DIY is dead.

Because the indie artist shouldn’t be working by themselves– but rather, they should be working with a team.

DIY is a misnomer, it really should be Doing It Without A Major Label (DIWOAML?), or Doing It With A Team (DIWAT?).

Because while it’s possible to get a great start on your career without a major, you’re still going to be juggling a lot of roles. It’s always preferable that you have an extra set of hands helping you out along the way.

After all, you need to focus on your art — and if that slips, then what’s the point?

A few weeks ago, I was asked if I had any articles centered around building the perfect indie team — and I didn’t, but what a great suggestion! Every artist needs a team around them, but what exactly does that mean? And who should be in it? And who manages what?

Hopefully this article helps with the mystery. Because the perfect dream team for the indie artist isn’t only very achievable, it’s fun, exciting and helps keep momentum at 100%. [...]

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