Katie Ferrara

Locations: Los Angeles - CA
Genres: Folk JAZZ Pop


Acoustic-Pop singer Katie Ferrara did not launch her music career in her own country but actually in London, England. Upon finishing her psychology degree from Pitzer College in 2010, Katie left California to live in the UK for an undetermined amount of time. A month after arriving in London, she landed a job as a barista at Starbucks and played her original songs at open at open mics in her spare time. Katie then met Jonathan Guillaumat, a London based music producer at a local guitar shop called Wunjo Guitars. Jonathan, originally from Montpellier, France was working as a “tea boy” at Livingston studios, hoping to learn the art of sound engineering. The two went into the studios after hours recorded one of Katie’s songs called A Kiss is just a Kiss. Katie then decided to stay in the UK until 2011 to work with Jonathan on the production of her first EP entitled When Love’s Not Around.

When Katie returned to Los Angeles, she teamed up with guitarist Alex Feder (aka “Leonard Friend” and guitarist for Enrique Iglesias), bassist Joey Crisci and Argentinean drummer Alex Fank (now drummer for FETZET) to form a band, playing at prestigious venues such as The House of Blues (Hollywood), The Lighthouse Café, and Rhino Records.

In the summer of 2012, Katie returned to England to tour and record a second EP with Jonathan Guillaumat (release currently in progress). While on tour, she was featured on Balcony TV in Brighton, and played at the Natural History Museum, 12 Bar Club, The Spice of Life Café. She culminated her tour with a performance at the legendary Troubadour.

Katie’s music is now playing on AM 1300 WMEL Pop Garden Radio (Florida), WXRY - 99.3FM (South Carolina), XERS Radio (Indiana), Starliners Radio (The Netherlands). She has been a featured guest on 99.3 KCLA FM (Hollywood) , and 88.7 KSPC FM (Claremont), and her music is playing weekly at these stations. He music also is playing on several internet radio stations such as Spotify, Last FM and Jango radio.

Katie has recently released her first music video on Youtube for her song Click of the Clock, and a second video with Warner Bros. Animation Coordinator, Cynthia Ruiz for her song Love can Heal a Broken Heart.

Photo by Jacqueline Legazcue