Jourdan Myers

Locations: Minneapolis - MN
Genres: Pop


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Minneapolis singer/songwriter, Jourdan Myers, does not consider herself a perfectionist, but she does insist on doing things right the first time, which is why she collaborates with other industry professionals who share her work ethic. “My passion is to create excellent collaborative art that gives others a platform to share their expertise.” Thus Myers, upon entering The Library Studio to record her second album, Ruin Me With Love, gave the musicians total freedom to shape each song according to their own artistic judgment. “Not only did it make for an incredibly fun studio experience,” Myers says, “but we nailed it. They gave life to my songs in a way I never imagined. It was such a positive result that I wanted every professional involved to have creative license, artistic freedom and collaboration to do what they do best — right down to the tracking, the production, the photography, the design, and the performance.” With producer Matt Patrick (Library Recording Studio; Greycoats, John Mark Nelson), Myers built a team of artists hailing from the bands of Prince, Andrew Bird, Owl City, and The Brighton.

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Ruin Me With Love is a complex work that showcases Myers’ signature sound, drifting from alternative to avant-garde, with experimental guitar sounds, percussive instruments fashioned from kitchen supplies, and vocals recorded through a guitar amplifier. Myers’ lilting voice, layered lyrics, and haunting melodies are captivating — reminiscent of such disparate artists as Feist, Cat Power, and Joy Williams of The Civil Wars.

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Myers’ first album, Chasing the Sunset, was a soulful record that expressed an intensely personal pain — the death of her older brother at the hands of a drunk driver. Her second album, Ruin Me With Love, is inspired by the promise of the future, and the eclectic collection centers around the universal theme of human longing. “There will never be a time when all our desires and needs have been met; we won’t escape the struggle on this side of life. Whether you long for a person, a different situation, or a new beginning, the condition of yearning is captured in these songs.” Myers understands longing. After several years of having her musical dreams shelved as she battled Lyme’s disease, she was confined by exhaustion, illness, and mundane employment. “These songs were written out of my angst, and they developed a life of their own with no regard for the demands of my day job and no concern that they deprived me of sleep! They came like a storm and messed up my plans and ate up my nights.” But now, fully birthed, recorded, and produced, Myers is wildly proud of the twelve songs she composed.