Locations: Copenhagen
Genres: Pop


Back in 2008 the then 22-year-old Ida Østergaard submitted a demo-version of ”On His Knees” to a contest on the biggest, most influential radio station in Denmark. She had mostly been writing songs in danish – humorous, political songs – and had only a handful of songs in english. However they named her the winner and gave the single massive airplay. The overwhelming amount of positive feedback from fans and listeners let Ida believe that she had something different to bring to the musical table. It was a kickstart of a long journey towards becoming a professional recording artist. ”On His Knees” now has more than 125.000 views on Youtube and 25.000 plays on Myspace. 

Three years (and a lot of hard work) later, the debut album was finally ready to be released. Through a long process of learning to trust your guts Ida Gard realized that the "indie way" was the one for her. 

The album received great reviews and made it to the iTunes top 10 in it's first week. Multiple singles got airplay on Danish radio and "Nothing's Wrong Song" even made it onto national prime time TV as the X Factor contestant - and later winner, Ida - chose to sing it. 

Ida Gard is in charge of her own music career. She's been the sole project coordinator and has written all songs on the album. Her lyrics stand out and demand attention as they are constantly balancing between being childish and funny and being quietly disturbing. Ida Gard’s voice and her songwriting style resembles american songwriters like Fiona Apple, Alanis Morrissette or Regina Spektor. But at the same time there’s a definite Scandinavian touch to Ida’s music. The album is produced by Jesper Bo Hansen and Ida Gard. 

A question often asked is whether the songs are autobiographical. They are. But mostly the dramabutton has been turned up to 11. Just to enhance understanding. 

*Photo by Deborah Lopez