Antonia Vai

Locations: Budapest
Genres: Folk SOUL


Antonia Vai is a 25-year old singer/songwriter from Sweden, well-established on the music scene of Stockhom, but currently living in Budapest. The live band consists of her and guitarist/songwriter/producer Felix Gröndahl, who joined Antonia permanently in 2012, after many years of playing and experimenting together. This duo is the solid base, but they constantly perform with different musicians and in different constellations, depending on what city in the world they happen to be in.

Antonia has been titled as a “bohemian soul diva”, but has clearly been influenced by folk. Focused on storytelling, shaped by rhythms and unique melodies, every song turns into a journey. She shifts between sadness and hopefulness. Combines metaphors and contradictions. One second she’s dynamically explosive, and the other she’s emotionally stripped down.

She began recording her songs in the bedroom, or in random hotelrooms along the road, and ever since, the songs started spreading and circulating on the net. A growing request for a debut album emerged. In September 2012 she finally released her album “Lovers and Prophets“, a tribute to forbidden love and sanctifications. In the same turn, she released “Dirt From When The Earth Was Flat“, an album with gathered homemade productions.