Album Review : Stephanie O, "Alive"

Locations: London

One of my favorite Londoner artist, Stephanie O, is back with a new EP "Alive", produced by Loop The Loop Records and recorded at Thermal Audio in London. "Alive" will be oficially released as a digital EP on July, 20th.

After discovering some of her new songs live during her show in Paris earlier this year, I was more than impatient to have a glimpse of this EP. For her second release, Stephanie has drawn inspiration from London, the city she lives in.  Her new EP is made up of 3 songs, of which a revisited version of her song "Alive", that maybe some of you have already discovered in the new Killing Moon Compilation.


With "Alive" EP, Stephanie has explored new soundscapes, in particular by bringing more piano in her melodies. She has also collaborated with Tom Cameron, better known by his stage name Arrows Down. We can feel his influence in particular in the sounds of her two other songs "Skyline" (my favorite songs from this EP) and "Grind".


"Alive" brings a breath of freshness in the current musical landscape thanks to its concentrate of beautiful mesmerising songs, added to a touch of sincerity and femininity. Just one regret, this EP contains only 3 songs and I bet you will agree with me with the fact that 3 is not enough! You can already pre-order "Alive" on itunes.

To celebrate the launch of her new EP, Stephanie O will be performing at The social in London. Click here for more informations. If you live there, go to see the magical soundscapes she can create live by building songs by layering and looping. You won't regret it ! And if you want to discover more things about her, check out her interview for Halter Mag.

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