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About me

<p>Hey folks,</p><p>my name is Emilie and I&#39;m the creator of The Indie Discovery. I&#39;ve started to write on my blog, &laquo; The Indie Discovery &raquo; in november 2011.</p><p>I like arts in general. I&#39;m a member of an amateur theatrical troupe and I also play guitar.... Since few years, I&#39;ve developped a real musical curiosity and in particular towards indie artists. There are so many amazing artists on this planet, that haven&#39;t signed with a label and who work independently. What I like in indie artist is the fact that their music isn&#39;t a standardized product. It comes from the bottom of their heart and their soul. Very often, their music is a real gem. They have to expend all one&#39;s energy to make their music well-known and the internet is an amazing way to share what they do.</p><p>Through my blog, I&#39;ll present you some indie artists I like and whom I think that you can like too. I&#39;m not here to judge the music of an artist. Of course, I&#39;ll share with you my thoughts about a musican that have touched me but I also want you to make your own opinion about what you will listen to because we all have different music tastes and we don&#39;t always feel music in the same way.</p><p>I&#39;m always looking for new songs to listen to, mainly in pop, folk, rock or soul music style &hellip; so if you want to share with me your music or the music of someone you like, feel free to contact me through facebook, twitter or by email. I always read each message I receive, but I can sometime be long to answer you, so don&#39;t worry if you don&#39;t get a quick answer.</p><p>Oh, and I&#39;m french so excuse me for all the mistakes I could make each time I write something in english. I hope you will find great music here :)</p><p>Emilie, The Indie Discovery</p><p>You can also find me there :</p><p>Facebook :<br />Twitter :<br />Youtube :<br />Soundcloud :<br />Google+ :<br />Reverbnation :</p>