5 Ways to Influence Fans to Buy Physical Music

Category: Music Industry

By Sonicbids

People don’t buy CDs anymore. I still buy a couple of CDs a month, but that’s because I’m amusic journalist who's too lazy to steal music online like everyone else (torrents confuse me). When I tell people about the latest CD I picked up at Newbury Comics, they either yawn and change the subject or look at me like I rode into town via horse and buggy. The point is, if you want someone to buy your physical media, you have to go above and beyond these days. Here are five ways to help your fans make that purchase. 

1. Visually compelling covers

If your cover is a legitimate piece of art that people might display on their coffee tables or in their shelves, they're more likely to buy the album. Vampire Weekend’s covers are always simple but excellent, prominently featuring the band's name in that distinct Futura font. Many metal bands have eye-popping covers; Opeth’s Heritage and Dragonforce’s Maximum Overload are so cool aesthetically. Meanwhile, Kanye West’s Graduation cover was created by an actual modern artist. Beauty is the in the eye of the beholder, but just make sure your cover isn’t a total bore to look at. (Aphex Twin’s recent Syro totally failed that test.) [...]

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