5 Things Decision Makers Look for in Your Band's Online Presence

Category: Music Promotion

By Sonicbids

The music industry is a very symbiotic one. Artists, journalistspublicists, and labels all depend on one another to stay afloat. Artists depend on entities for coverage, distribution, and support, and entities depend on artists for quality content for their label, blog, or magazine.

In some cases, these outlets make investments in artists, whether it be a financial investment from a record label or a branding investment from a media outlet. Think about it: if I want to attract readers and advertisers, then I need to be placing quality artists in my magazine or blog. Similarly, if I'm a record label, and I'm paying for promotion and studio time, I expect to get some of that recouped. It's an investment either way.

So, what do these decision makers at labels and publications look for in an artist's digital presence? Here's a brief rundown.

1. Social proof

Whether it's a label, media outlet, or any other solid influencer, they're going to first look and see how people are reacting to your work. Sadly, you could have incredibly great talent, but if your product looks poor, or if not enough people are behind you organically, it might hinder the eyes of magazines or labels. [...]

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