5 Quick Email Etiquette Tips for Bands (and Everyone Else)

Category: Music Promotion

By Sonicbids

While the internet and new technologies propel the world into the future, I'm amazed by how many of us have the online etiquette of a caveperson. Seriously, I just got an anonymous link posted on my social networks with the blurb, "Yo, check my song out." Two seconds later, I got a friend request from someone with no profile picture other than that creepy default blank head. While the following tips aren't groundbreaking, they serve as reminders that just might help us all to be a little more mindful the next time we get online. And like your mom says, “Better behavior gets better results" – in this case, meaning more loyal fans, better gigs, and more placements. Enjoy!

1. Don't send out unsolicited email blasts

Only send emails to people who have requested your band's info (or have granted you permission).

2. Personalize your emails

Address the receiver by name, and don’t ask them to come to a gig in NYC if they live in LA.

3. Give an option to be removed from the list

Always offer an "unsubscribe" option at the bottom of your emails, and don’t get upset if someone sends an angry "remove from list" message. While they probably signed up for your list at your show and don’t remember, you might, if anything, send a polite reminder of who you are and how you know them, and then apologize for the inconvenience. [...]

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