10 things every musician website must have

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By The DIY Musician

The importance of having your own website as a musician

“Dear Talent Buyer,

I play in a brostep-polka band from Houston, Texas called Accordion Wobble. We’ll be touring through San Francisco between February 11-13 in support of our new album Oom Pa Pa, Oo Ma Ma and we’d love to play at The Baffle & Bass. We think we can draw about 400 people on a weekend, and about half that on a weeknight.

To hear the hottest brostep-polka fusion this side of the Atlantic, listen to our music on SoundCloud. Watch our videos on YouTube. Read our bio and press on our website. See how many fans we have on Facebook. Etc. Etc. Etc.


Joe Polka”

Okay, brostep polka? I’m intrigued. You can bring 200 people to my club on a Monday night? I’m intrigued. But WHY ON EARTH do I need to click on four different links to piece together the full picture of your band? I don’t have that kinda time.

Luckily for you, I’ll make the time to further investigate an out of town band that confidently claims to draw 200 people on a weeknight. But if your fanbase wasn’t so solid,… I’d say “tough luck” and move on to the next email in my inbox.

Are you making it difficult for bookers, bloggers, journalists, and fans to piece together the full picture of your music career? Don’t! Instead, make sure all the important stuff is organized in one place, on your own website.  [...]

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